We are passionate about baking the best tasting pastries, breads and desserts to serve only the freshest food for our customers. At the beginning of each morning, we combine the highest quality ingredients into our dough as we begin the process of creating each individual pastry and bread.  Our dedicated and determined team of bakers and chefs roll and cut every pastry and bread by hand.  As the ovens warm up, we begin baking each tray of dough and soon the nice aroma of butter, sweet fruits, cheeses and dough fill our bakery and cafe. 

 We carefully select only the finest ingredients to make and serve the freshest, best-tasting food each and every day.

👉 Located in vibrant Bellevue and Kirkland neighborhood, the french bakery draws in customers eager to start their day with a delicious cup of espresso. as they sip on a cup of hot latte along with mouth watering crepes, they can tune in to beautiful music and bask in the wonderful aroma of fresh baked pastries.

👉The French Bakery relentlessly work in giving back deeper into community. We support numerous non-profit organizations throughout the Eastside and Seattle each year, contributing to build a better future. We are humble to be able to help people in need and delighted to donate religiously seven days a week to organizations including hopelink and jubilee REACH in our mission to help others. Our goal is to continue supporting these organizations for the years to come, as we are a social fabric of the community.