Through his diligence, ideas and aspiration, we now have the ability to connect in the way we have not before. Thank you for those who have been involved in providing ideas and feedback during the development process.

We now have  Staff Engagement Page to  keep us connected.. Please use with care and professionalism. We encourage you to communicate with the entire team (chat room) and share ideas, questions and suggestion to make all of us better. effective communication is key to the success of a team.

Examples: any community activities/events that you are involved in or may impact business, volunteer opportunities, motivational quotes, positive or constructive customer feedback that we should know about to help us improve. Give each other a pat in the back when you see them doing something impressive or great.

remember: there is no "i" in team.

Weekly schedules will now be uploaded in "view only"  mode on the staff engagement page. This is intended as an efficiency tool Check during the week for possible changes. A hard copy will still be posted  in store as well.

Let's stay connected!! Technology makes the world smaller.