So Is It Fresh? 

Every day, without fail, customers ask us slight variations of the same question: “Is this fresh?” 

The answer: yes. Always yes. 

The French Bakery prides itself on providing fresh pastries, cakes, and breads each and every day. The Bakers come in before the sun comes up and mix, roll, fold, fill, bake, and decorate all the goodies you see before you. We continue this extensive process throughout the day to ensure that the highest quality, freshest pastries are available to our customers whether they come in as our doors open or just before they close. 

At the end of the day, we then donate any leftover pastries so that we may give back to the community and make room for all the treats that will be made the next morning. 

The French Bakery’s commitment to fresh pastries every day means we work a little harder, come in a little earlier, and stay a little later. But the joy on the faces of our customers  as they bite into a warm almond croissant, the laughter people share over lattes and lemon tartlets, and the enjoyment customers experience eating at the French Bakery is all the motivation we need to keep making all of our food fresh daily.