Coffee is not an energy drink. It’s not another ste

p in your daily routine. Coffee is a delight, an experience, an art. That’s what we at The French Bakery believe. We are dedicated to serving our customers the best coffee and experience whenever they walk in the door.

We import our coffee from a bustling city in Italy, known for its culture, its cars, and its coffee, Bologna. Crafted by Attibassi, the coffee is the ideal combination of chocolate-y Arabica and dense, dark Robusta. Attibassi roasts the beans to perfection, enhancing the beans’ natural flavors.

The French Bakery imports Attibassi Coffee in small batches every couple weeks so that we can be sure our customers are drinking the freshest and highest quality coffee.

Our baristas are trained in house to become experts on working with the Attibassi blend. They grind, tamp, and pull shots of espresso with precision and care. Milk is steamed just until the natural sweetness is in full bloom. Coffee is an art in their hands so that it may be enjoyed in yours.

At The French Bakery, we don’t want coffee to just be something you check off your list of things to-do. It doesn’t matter if your take your coffee in a porcelain cup for here, intent on sitting and sipping for hours, or in a paper cup to go as you rush from one place to the next.

When you take a sip of our coffee, we want it to be so delicious that time slows down, even for only a moment. We want to pour liquid sunshine, an experience, a small symphony or a gallery of flavor into each cup

.So whether you’re running around or have a couple hours to spare, come into The French Bakery and enjoy a cup of coffee like you never have before.