With the strawberry season approaching, it is the perfect time
to crave the many delectable flavors of strawberries. Be sure to stop in at The French Bakery to enjoy some of our very own strawberry delights!

Treat yourself to a slice of our lighter-than-air Fresh Strawberry Cake or a rich Fresh Fruit and Cream Cheese croissant. Enjoy a frosty and fizzy Strawberry French Cream soda. Nothing goes better with our coffee than a simple Strawberry Croissant and nothing beats the heat better than our delectable Fresh Fruit Tartlets that feature only the biggest, reddest, and sweetest strawberries we could find.

So stop in and try any one (or more!) of these sweet treats and let us at the French Bakery celebrate strawberries with our town, our community, and you.

Fresh Fruit Cream Cheese Croissant