We bake your cakes to order. Please give us at least 48 hours in advance if you are submitting your order request here. Our customer service staff will call you in 24 - 48 hours to help with order placement and payment. You can call any of our locations to place an order over the phone for pick up within 24 hour.


Fresh Strawberry Cake

Moist vanilla cake layered with fresh strawberries, house made whipped cream & decorated with slivered almonds.

Dark Chocolate Mousse

Dense Chocolate Cake, dark chocolate cream topped with whipped cream & chocolate pieces.

Black Forest Cake

Dark Chocolate Cake layered with house made whipped cream,cherries & cherry jam. Topped with whipped cream, chocolate shavings & Maraschinio cherries.



dark chocolate cake, layered with coffee cream. decorated with cocoa nibs, whipped cream and Candied espresso beans.

pear almond tart

whole golden pears mixed with creamy almond custard on a vanilla cookie crust.


raspberry cheesecake tart

vanilla cookie crust filled with a layer of sweet cream cheese, raspberry jam & lattice crust top.


lemon mousse

Moist vanilla cake layered with lemon cream. topped with lemon fruit filling & whipped cream.


Coffee swiss roll

chocolate cake, coffee cream, chocolate shavings, candied espresso beans & dusted with powdered sugar.


blueberry cream cake

Moist blueberry cake layered with blueberry cream & topped with sweet and bites of blueberry fruit filling.

white fruit mousse

vanilla cake with layers of house made whipped cream & mixed fruit.

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Chocolate Raspberry Delice

dark chocolate cake with alternating layers of raspberry & vanilla cream. topped with raspberry fruit filling & fresh raspberry.


Mango Cream Cake

vanilla cake, layers of mango cream. topped with diced mango and house made whipped cream.


white chocolate raspberry

Available in the Summer ONLY

vanilla cake layered with whipped cream & raspberry. topped with white chocolate.


mandarin orange cake

vanilla cake with layers of mandarin orange cream topped with house made whipped cream & mandarin oranges.


Fresh Fruit Tart

Fresh strawberry, kiwi, mandarin orange & blueberry on vanilla cookie crust filled with house made vanilla cream & an apricot glaze.