The French Bakery is passionate about supporting the community.


Growing up, our parents and family were deeply connected and actively involved with charity work in our local community. Naturally, respecting the community and helping those who are in need are ingrained in our daily lives as this is an important value that our family believes in. Today, we follow the same footsteps in supporting the community through French Bakery daily involvement.

Supporting Our Local Communities
Helping Nonprofits

Helping Nonprofits

The French Bakery has been helping nonprofit organizations since it began. Our hard work and donations have been directed toward supportiing shelters, food banks and other nonprofit organizations, both at the grassroots level and larger reach organizations such as Salvation Army and Hope Link. In the past years, we´ve also helped those outside the United States to help fight hunger and provide basic needs for orphaned and homeless children. We‘ve also joined forces by supporting our staff and making donations to the charity organization of their choice.

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Supporting Our Local Communities

Being part of our project´s values, our support is only focused on nonprofit organizations. So, if you’re looking for a donation from The French Bakery, send us a request with the organization’s cause, a link to the organization’s website, and the purpose of the donation you would collect. We will review the submission and get back to you within a two-week timeframe if we are able to support your request.

Supporting Our Community

We donate food seven days a week to those in need including the following:

  • The Salvation Army
  • Hopelink
  • Jubilee Reach
  • Local Shelters
  • Safe Park Community
  • Friends of Youth Redmond

We also maintain long-standing relationships numerous local schools, fundraisers and sponsorships programs.

  • Bellevue School District
  • Bellevue Children’s Academy
  • Lake Washington School District
  • Emily Dickinson Elementary
  • University of Washington
  • Youth Theatre Northwest
  • Boys & Girls Club of America
  • Bellevue College
  • City of Redmond
  • Bellevue Arts Museum
  • Somerset Elementary
  • Newcastle Elementary
  • The Bellevue Youth Theatre
  • King County Library
  • Interlake High School
  • Bellevue Little School
  • City of Bellevue
  • Kirkland Art Center
  • YMCA
  • Island Park Elementary School
  • And many more organizations

Donation Request

Donation Request

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