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The French Bakery was founded in 2008 in the city of Kirkland, Washington. Currently, we have the pleasure of serving customers at multiple locations on Seattle’s East Side.

Passion for excellence

Only the Best

We are passionate about creating the best tasting pastries, breads, desserts and coffee. We serve only the freshest food for our customers.
Passion For Excellence
Dedicated Team

Dedicated team

Our dedicated and determined team of bakers roll and cut every pastry and bread by hand. As we begin baking each tray of dough, the fresh, comforting aroma fills our bakery.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Always Fresh

We bake fresh everyday, all day.



We develop our menu around produce that is fresh and seasonal.



We Create Authentic Artisan French Patisseries

Excellent Service

Friendly and helpful service.

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Serving a full menu of freshly baked goods everyday.

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A huge variety of delicious pastries and lunch menu to choose from to fit every occasion you desire.

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